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Lens Meat

There comes a time in every woman’s life when they lose sight of their inner goddess.  Their sensuality.  Their confidence.  It often happens slowly, over time, like water chipping away at the sandstone, shaping it into something softer, less stark, more….subtle. And it’s so gradual we don’t even notice it.  Oh yes, this can happen […]

Let Me Shoot Ya!

Let Me Shoot Ya…I’ll Make Ya Famous! Recently, I was surprised to find that I had become a published model.  With my permission, the Man in Black had submitted one of my photos from a silly project we called The Mistress and the Wife.  Many of you have seen the photos…. They are the wedding […]

Nequim Male

A while back, I posted a status on Facebook asking for volunteers for male models. I didn’t need experts, just men willing to represent Nequim studios at a public event, and be photographed while doing it. I was surprised at how few takers there were, and it got me to thinking about how few men […]

How To Prepare For A Nequim Photo Session

Oh my gosh.  I just booked my Nequim session!  How am I going to prepare?” “Work outs, juice detox diets, waxing, tanning, mani/pedi, facial, hair highlights, oh, and don’t forget to go shopping for some great shoes!” No, no, no….don’t let my sarcasm scare you off.  That is certainly NOT how one goes about preparing […]